August 19, 2015



Grand Prizes for each of the 10 music category winners and the People’s Choice winner:

1. $1,000.00 for each of the 11 winners (total of $11,000.00 in prize money)
2. City Council Citation awarded to each of the 11 winners at the Awards Show in December
3. Resolution presented to the group of 11 winners in City Council

Category Prizes:

1. Rock Winner: Studio Time at Milkboy Studio
2. Country/Folk Winner: TBA
3. Gospel Winner: TBA
4. Classical: TBA
5. Jazz: TBA
6. R&B: TBA
7. Pop: TBA
8. Hip-hop: TBA
9. World***: TBA
10. DJ: TBA
11. People’s Choice TBA

Finalist Prizes for each of the 50 finalists:

1. Each finalist will receive a City Council mini-citation
2. Each finalist will be listed on PHL LIVE Center Stage’s website as a 2022 Finalist
3. All final performances will be broadcast by iRadioPhilly

*** World music is International music such as: Reggae, Salsa, Foreign Language Music, Reggaeton, Soca, K-pop, Africanpop, Polka, and more


Prizes subject to change. New prizes may be added.